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Aker Woods: Wood Mantels and Countertops

Aker Woods Company has experience creating wood mantels and countertops. We make tops for tables, counters, bars, and benches, either from thick planks, half-logs, or quarter-logs. When the top you need is wider than what we can mill from a single log, we can glue planks together for you.

The wood mantelpiece is a 2x8" x 6' Eastern Redcedar plank with the front un-edged
The mantelpiece above is a 2x8" x 6' Eastern Redcedar plank with the front un-edged. We can deliver it and its support logs anywhere in the contiguous 48 states for $280. The hearthbench is a 2x14" x 10' Ponderosa Pine plank with an un-edged front. It would cost $440, finished and delivered.
Blued Ponderosa Pine
Blued Ponderosa Pine

You can order your wood at any of these levels of completion:

  • Just the raw half-log or raw planks, milled on 2,3, or 4 sides.
  • Planks glued together to the width you need.
  • Planed and sanded.
  • Coated with polyurethane or another finish.

For most applications, we recommend a 2" thick plank. We can also provide half-logs and quarter-logs for mantles and benches.

The "Blued" Ponderosa Pine (above), which means the wood was colored by a naturally-occurring fungus. Blued Ponderosa is just as strong and durable as regular Ponderosa, but gives the wood a rustic, antique feel.

Important notice: To give you the very best thick-plank top, we need time. We stock some of the more common sizes, but we often have to mill a fresh sawlog to make the piece you need. We start by carefully selecting a straight, defect-free sawlog, then let it cure slowly in the open air. This allows time for any cupping, bowing, or twisting to appear. If these defects can't be removed through planing or trimming the wood, we substitute another plank. Your completion time depends on the dimensions of the top, the species, and the time of year you order. If you're in a hurry, we'll see what we can produce for you from our dry stock. If you have time, we'd like the chance to make you something really special.

Picture of Bur Oak Beam
Bur Oak Beam Mantel - This 4x8" x 6' Bur Oak beam mantle would cost $480, finished and delivered.
Un-edged Eastern Redcedar tabletop
Un-edged Eastern Redcedar tabletop
Eastern Redcedar door
We build solid wood entry doors. This Eastern Redcedar door is on a home built with our hand-peeled house logs.
Blued Ponderosa Pine Table Top
We save wide logs with interesting color or knot patterns for customers looking for something different.
Blued Ponderosa Pine Coffee Table
Blued Ponderosa Pine Coffee Table - We'll build it for $340 or sell the raw materials for $160.
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